Menu Plan Monday – August 10-16, 2009

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I’m an Organizing Junkie’s Menu Plan Monday

Heading toward lower-carb land! Woo-HOO! 🙂

Weekday Dinners

Monday – Pork tenderloin, mixed edamame mix (Archer Farms brand @ Target), Sweet potato fries

Tuesday – Pork – Part 2

Wednesday – Chicken Cordon Bleu, steamed carrots, parsleyed new potatoes

Thursday – Chicken – Part 2

Friday – Take Out

Weekend Breakfast

Biscuits & Sausage Gravy; Scrambled Eggs

Weekday Breakfast Options

Zone Protein Bars
Breakfast Yogurt
South Beach Cottage Cheese Breakfast

Weekday Lunch Options

Lettuce wrapped sandwiches (chicken salad, tuna salad, turkey, cheese & avocado)

Snack Options

Cheese cubes/slices/sticks


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